The Artists

Terry Siebert

Majolica pottery

(206) 780-0522

I am a potter who likes to paint and has a passion for color. For me, Majolica has been the perfect medium. The white majolica base glaze serves as a canvas for colorful overglaze painting and decoration. The fired glaze is characterized by brilliant, watery colors and a lush surface which has a depth and richness uncommon to most low-fire glazes.

I continue to be inspired by the intricacies of nature and the rich traditions of Majolica pottery. I love the meditative process of immersing myself in nature and sketching my observations. In the studio, I play with the sketches allowing historical influences and the pot form to enter into the design process. I admire the exotic form and ornamentation of Persian ceramics with its highly abstracted, imaginative, plant-derived designs. I also enjoy Spanish luster-ware with its lively, calligraphic brushwork and designs utilizing the interplay of positive and negative space. Ultimately, the process of pottery making is a means of connecting myself to the natural world, other cultures and artists before me, and to those who now find meaning in my work.